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By Ugo Lattanzi on May 20th , 2012 in Various | comments

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Finally I created my English blog. It took me almost a year to finish the setup and convince myself that I can have an English blog. This isn’t my first adventure like a blogger, my followers know my Italian blog, and now it’s time to share my passion with “non” Italian people.

My “history” is really simple, in few words I’m a web addicted, it means I love all dev stuff around the World Wide Web. Moreover if want to know more about me, here there is my story and here there are my jobs.

Moreover I’m the founder of Dexter, a blog engine totally based on ASP.NET MVC. Unluckily a build is not ready, so I’m using Wordpress for this blog hoping to migrate as soon as possible.

As you understood this blog is a tech blog and probably you are asking yourself - “Another tech blog?”

The answer is absolutely YES for two reasons:

Anyway this blog will not be a clone of my Italian, probably I’ll translate some posts but not all. If you want to keep yourself update subscribe my rss feed. Moreover I’m active on twitter, so follow me and subscribe my newsletter to have every week my linkfloods.

As usual, your feedback and comments are more than welcome.Thank you in advance