Linkflood now available

By Ugo Lattanzi on June 25th , 2012 in Various | comments

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My followers know my passion to share news on twitter. Almost every day I tweet dozens and dozens info about HTML5MVCNodeJSWindows 8MobileApple and so on. The idea is to save and categorize these information inside my blog; for this reason I’ve created a category called Linkflood and a specific “plugin” for the digest tweets. Unluckily I’m not a guru of php, in fact I didn’t find an easy way to create a scheduled job inside Wordpress. My solution is based on ASP.NET MVC and Quartz.NET. The first one is a simple host for my jobs, the second one is the scheduler framework that I used for this “plugin”.

The linkflood news is available from the menu in the top. I removed it from the main feed but, if you like to follow it by RSS, you can subscribe this specific feed.

The plugin is available on github here, it is not complete and must be evolved but it works! If you like it and you want to use this plugin make a fork!