Save the date 20 October 2012

By Ugo Lattanzi on June 27th , 2012 in Events | comments

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Here we go! We have some great news about the European Conference that me and Simone Chiaretta are organizing. it’s a conference totally based on the latest web technologies so, ASP.NET MVC, Node JS, Advanced JavaScript, REST, HTML5, more and more. Finally we have a date, 20 October 2012 in Milan, save the date!

The conference will be in Avanade Italy that offers the location and coffee break, its Headquarter is near Milano Central Railway Station that should be comfortable for all attendees.

Another important thing is about the sponsors. We have important sponsors that are collaborating with us. Greenbubble is working for the conference site, logo and so on. Github will offers a beer after the conference for all attendees (an amazing geek time to discuss about our favorite technologies) and Umbraco.

Another important news is that we have the first official speaker. Ayende will speak about RavenDB in the Web environment and offers 30% discount to all attendees for the RavenDB Italian Bootcamp (22 october, two days after the conference).

As you can see there are many cool stuff, if you are not registered, DO IT HERE!

More news will come in the next weeks, so stay tuned! Keep in touch here: