An amazing experience

By Ugo Lattanzi on Oct. 22nd , 2012 in Events | comments

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Yesterday something special is happened and I still cannot believe that the Web.Net European Conference is over. For me was the first conference as a promoter and it was an AMAZING experience. More than 160 people from 11 different countries in the same building speaking about the future of the web (how F*ing cool is that?).

The atmosphere was really cool and I met some incredible speakers. Rui had a wonderful speech about tiny frameworks, Massimiliano has hypnotized all people with his magic on JavaScript, Alessandro shocked his room using WebSockets and SignalR, Raf with TypeScript and WebAPI and the same happened with the others speakers (unfortunately I cannot see other sessions because the organization made me very busy).

What more? A very nice Chris Massey!

Another incredible news is the conference drop. There were 165 people on 173 available sits, we are almost “dropless” and for me that means “ok the conference is really cool, keep on working”.

We are thinking to replicate the conference somewhere in the Europe (probably during the spring), but one thing is for sure, next year we will still be here.

You rock!

Several pictures: