Some good resources for ASP.NET MVC

By Ugo Lattanzi on May 2nd , 2013 in aspnetmvc | comments

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My last period is one of the busiest of my life but, thanks to Chris Massey, I found the time to write about one of my favorite frameworks, ASP.NET MVC.

Chris’s idea is to collect the most useful articles for each section (Action Filters, Deploy, and so on) of the framework, with an introduction to each topic. Personally, I worked on the Deploy topic (it’s easy to recognize, it’s the article with the worst English).

I really like that approach because it is very helpful for all people who want to learn MVC, but also for those who already know it but want to increase their knowledge.

If you have feedback or you think there are some missing arguments, you can contact directly Chris (or write me here and I will do for you).

Enjoy the guide here.