Create a JavascriptResult for ASP.NET MVC

By Ugo Lattanzi on Jan. 14th , in aspnetmvc | comments

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One pillar of ASP.NET MVC is the extensibility. It means you can add whatever you want wherever you want (or something like that).

Like all frameworks, ASP.NET MVC does not cover all features requested by developers, but offers the opportunity to create your own logic. That means extensibility.

In my case, the goal was to render a partial view into a JavaScript file.

Before to see how you can do that, it’s important to understand what does really mean “render a partial view into a Javascript file”.

In this example I want to create a simple HTML including the base info for a user profile (Firstname, Lastname and website).

The HTML Looks like this.

Render that HTML into a JavaScript means encoding everything and putting it into a document write. The result should looks like this.

In MVC all requests need a Controller and an Action, which must return something that could be an HTML, json or javascript (in my case).

To do this, the first thing to do is create a JavascriptResult (and his extension method) like that:

As you can see the code is really simple, I render the partial into a string, encode the content and return it changing the content type.

Now you are able to use the following code:

The last thing to do is to render the partial view into another site, so you have to include your JavaScript like a normal resource.

In the screenshot below you can see how a client site (not the site that hosts the controller) shows the partial.



What is cool about that approach is about server side technology. Because we are returning a Javascript file the client could be a simple .html static page or something generated with nodejs or whatever you want.

Is it cool?

The code is available here