Owin, Katana and NCrafts

By Ugo Lattanzi on April 22nd , 2014 in Events | comments

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Recently I've been writing and reading lots of articles/tweets about OWIN and its implementation Katana.

The reason is pretty simple, I'm writing a book with Simone Chiaretta about OWIN for Syncfusion. The book is part of their “Succinctly” e-book series, so nothing big and complicated, just all you need to know about OWIN/Katana and how to use them in your application.

For this reason we are really focused on OWIN. In the meantime, our friend Rui Carvalho organized a super cool conference in Paris named NCrafts.

It is "dangerous" combo because the conference looks really amazing and I'll speak with Simone about OWIN :-)

All jokes aside, the conference will be really awesome (Web, Cloud, Data and so on) so, if you don't have anything planned for the 16 May, hurry up and come to Paris (all the conference info is here).

I'd like to finish the post with a quote from the NCrafts web site:

In other words, we love building software with art, passion and technology and share with everyone.