Introducing Event Starter Kit

By Ugo Lattanzi on Sept. 2nd , 2014 in Open Source | comments

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One month ago we announced (here more info) the next edition of Web European Conference.

We tried this year to replicate the conference but we got some problems with the venue. This time it seems it's going better; we don't have the venue confirmed yet, but we have good feeling about that.

Anyway, with the conference an important Open Source project was born, we (Simone and I) called it Event Starter Kit (ESK).

The idea is to create something that helps people to organise a conference with a small effort. In our case, the conference is a tech one, but of course, you can use ESK for all kind of conferences.

For this reason we are working on several repositories in the same time:

of course we didn't complete everything yet except for the Launch Page and the blog. We planned to complete the project with the Conference, so spring 2015, but of course part of the project must be completed early (like the website).

For this reason we need help :heart_eyes:

If you wanna collaborate, contact me or send a PR (see the complete documentation about the project here).

Website and APIs are written using NodeJs + Mongo and, for the mobile apps, we are using Xamarin.

Work on ESK is really funny because we are also integrating several external services with our application like:

Why Node and Xamarin?

I would like to do this using ASP.NET vNext but it seems we have to wait a bit before we can use it on a production environment. So Node is the perfect solution because we don't want to impose the choice of server so, if you wanna go on Linux you can, same for Windows (right now we are using Microsoft Azure)

About Xamarin I think it's almost clear, same code with 3 different output (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

We created a Github organization with all repositories (see it here) and other info about the project are available here.

We are looking for several roles, starting from Front-end developer (compass, bootstrap, angular and so on) till backend (nodejs, mongodb).

What are you waiting for? Join us here