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By Ugo Lattanzi on Mar. 16th , 2015 in Owin | comments

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I'm very happy to announce that, from today, my first book is available here thanks to Syncfusion that is a popular company among developers for their great suites of controls. The ebook is focused on OWIN (Open Web Server Interface for .NET specification) and it's co-written with my friend Simone Chiaretta who is organizing with me the 2° Web European Conference.

It's a free ebook and, in 110 pages, it covers the most important things you need to know about OWIN from the basic stuff, like "What is OWIN" and "The Middleware", to more complex stuff like "Authentication using social networks" like Facebook, Twitter and Google with ASP.NET Identity and ASP.NET MVC.

Here is the TOC of the book:

The book is distributed by Syncfusion for free, you just have to register and then you’ll be able to download it both in PDF and Kindle format. Of course if you have feedbacks or you find something that is not clear, that sounds strange or whatever, please don't hesistate to contact me

Owin Succinctly

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